Tina Demšar Tinka is the one who is always ready to lend a hand and has a good nose for the right things.
She is our versatile technical support, the expert for the little mobile houses, wood building, clay ovens and anything practical. She knits in the style of traditional Viking art, sows dresses for wild women and is generally a virtuoso of handicrafts. Horses are a huge part of her life, a challenge and a joy at the same time. She is a sporty person with a fiery personality and she is always surrounded by an aura of celebration. The trio of Terra Anima founders: Neja Meta Rojc Explorer of sacred and ritual forms of art She dedicates her life to studying the deep secrets of life in all its manifestations. Most of all, she explores animals and their role in the evolution of the human soul. And also generally she wishes to know how the relationship with nature influences the human spiritual and personal development. She has always preferred to walk the path not walked by anyone before, with her own lamp in her hand. As a “forest woman” she knows where the wild soul hides and how to come into contact with one’s primal body. She teaches this also to other people, primarily with the help of horses, counselling and workshops. Founder and leader of the Kiron Centre and the Terra Anima Society. Otherwise, she creates a deeper kind of art, makes forest light, carves stones, paints, writes, she works as a sculptor, builder, woodworker, storyteller and she dances with her horses. She is one of the few devoted guardians of the Earth, but she claims that everyone should be that. Špela Kaplja Špela is the one who walks through the world respectfully and full of joie de vivre. With wide eyes and an open heart she looks at nature and listens to it and tells stories that honour its wonders and uncover its wisdom. In recent years, she dedicated a lot of time to children. At creative workshops in the forest she helped them come into contact with the natural world. The results of this time are two books that were published by our society: How the Heart Becomes Green and The Forest Book. Her last name means “a drop” and it shows he great passion – the rivers. She has been observing and exploring them for years now. They talk to her in her dreams, unravel their mysteries to her and teach her. It is through them that she grows and she currently writes a book about them. She loves the moments when the hands and the heart come together, so this is why she takes care of organizing events and other activities of the society.
Neja Meta Rojc
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Tina Demšar
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